Student Employment can be a great resource for you to build your resume and curate relationships and connections around campus. Please review the information below and the Student Employment Handbook for more details.

Student Employment

What is Student Employment?

Student Employment (also known as work-study) is an award that allows students to work on-campus (or off-campus through the Center for Service Learning if a student demonstrates financial need) to earn money toward educational expenses. This opportunity offers valuable work experience to complement students’ career goals after graduation. Student Employment should be treated as any other job that a student would have outside of school. Students will want to use this opportunity to enhance current skill sets, as well as learn professionalism and work-place etiquette.

You can find the Student Employment Handbook here and the 2018-19 payroll schedule here. 

Students are responsible for the information provided in the Handbook so take some time to read through it before applying and starting a position.

How do I qualify for a Student Employment award?

Within the funding constraints provided by the federal government, state of Colorado and Regis University’s institutional allocation, you qualify for a student employment (workstudy) award by completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by March 1 each year

If you miss the March 1 deadline, you may be placed on a waitlist.

How do I qualify for a Student Employment award if I'm a DACA student?

If you are a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) student, you must complete the Student Employment Award Application form located at by March 1 each year to qualify for an award.

Can I use my Student Employment award to pay my balance?

Although Student Employment is awarded as a part of your financial aid package, the award is not directly credited toward any outstanding balance on your account. You receive a paycheck every two weeks based on the actual number of hours worked during the pay period.

Does a Student Employment award guarantee that I will have a job?

Student Employment positions are competitive and limited, and being granted an award does not guarantee a position. 

How do I find a job?

All open positions are posted on Workday. Students with Workstudy awards will be able to log into Workday at and on the home page there is a "Career" Worklet and from there, select "Workstudy Jobs." You''ll want to review the open positions and contact the supervisor(s) listed in the position description. We encourage students to submit a resume, when applicable, and to also let the supervisor know why they are interested in the specific position. You may contact multiple departments/supervisors when searching for a job, but you may only be hired for one workstudy position at a time. If you do not have a Workstudy award, you can find any open Department-Funded positions online at

What forms do I need to complete before I can begin working?

All student employees must complete their I-9 and select payment elections as part of the "onboarding" process in the HR system known as Workday. You can log into Workday at (for more information please visit

Once hired by a supervisor on-campus, you will be notified of the onboarding process in Workday. You'll need to complete the necessary steps and bring in your I-9 documentation in-person to Student Services located on the 4th Floor of Main Hall within 3 business days from your hire date.

Community Employment

Students who receive need-based state or federal work study awards are eligible to apply their award to an off-campus job. Work-study off-campus positions may help students:  

  • Gain valuable job experience that may help students inform their career choice.
  • Make a difference in our community, by working with children, the poor, the homeless, older adults, etc.

For more information, please visit the Center for Service Learning Community-Based Work Study page:

Summer Employment

There are limited opportunities for summer student employment. Students must complete a Student Employment Award Application at when the application becomes available each spring. Summer Workstudy Awards are granted on a first-come, first serve basis and you may qualify if you are enrolled full-time in the summer in a degree-seeking program and/or you will enroll full-time in a degree-seeking program for the upcoming fall semester. Workstudy jobs for the summer semester are posted on Workday at for students who were granted an award. Working during the summer is not a part of the student's Financial Aid package and will not affect the amount of aid received for that year. Summer employment does not guarantee that a student will have a student employment award for the upcoming Fall and Spring Semesters. If you wish to find open positions funding by individual departments, those positions are posted at

Career Services

Student Employment should be treated as any other job a student would have outside of school. Students will want to use this opportunity to enhance current skill sets, as well as learn professionalism and work-place etiquette. For more information on interviewing tips, resume building, and career counseling, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development.


How do I get a job?

All Student Employment jobs are posted on INsite under “work-study classifieds.” The job descriptions and requirements are listed along with the supervisor’s contact information. It is up to you to contact the supervisor and set up an interview. Jobs are competitive and limited, so we recommend that you start your job search early. All jobs for the upcoming academic year are posted on August 1. 

I was offered a job. Now what do I do?

All employees new to Regis University must fill out new hire paperwork including an I-9, W-4, and Workers Compensation form before they can begin work. The completed forms must be submitted to Student Services, located on the fourth floor of Main Hall along with documents that establish identity and employment authorization. Please refer to the I-9 form for a list of acceptable documentation. Original documents must be presented in person to Student Services. The Student Employment office will process the hire paperwork and students may not begin working until their supervisor has access to their timesheet on WebAdvisor

I’m a returning student. What do I do?

Students must renew their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before March 1 and submit all requested, required documentation by May 1 to qualify for a Student Employment award for the upcoming year. Students do not need to submit new hire paperwork each year as long as it is on file from previous years. Your hiring supervisor must submit a hire request on your behalf and be able to view your timesheet in WebAdvisor before you begin working each year, even if you have worked for their department previously.

How many hours can I work?

On average, students work between 8 and 13 hours per week, depending upon the total award offered. Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week while school is in session. You and your supervisor should determine the number of hours that can be worked per week by dividing the total award amount by the number of weeks in the academic year (38 weeks with breaks included). This amount should then be divided by the pay rate.

Example: Award Amount $3,400 / 38 weeks = 89.47, then 89.47/ Pay rate $9.50/hr= 9.4 hours per week. Students are not required to earn their full award and some supervisors may only need students to work a few hours per week. Students should communicate their desired schedule with their supervisor. 

How much will I be paid?

Your Student Employment award is listed on your financial aid award letter. Pay rate is determined by your supervisor and the job you are hired for. There are three job levels: 

Level 1-entry level, no experience required, Level II-experience required, and Level III-highest level, expert experience specific to the job required. The job level will be indicated on the individual job descriptions in the Classifieds. You can contact the supervisor listed if you have any questions regarding the job level and corresponding pay rate.

I didn’t fill out a FAFSA but I want to be awarded Student Employment. Is this possible?

Even if you missed the March 1 FAFSA priority deadline, you can still complete a FAFSA and be placed on a waitlist for a student employment award. If you cannot complete a FAFSA as a DACA student, you may complete the Student Employment Award Application Form each year by the March 1 deadline to be considered.

I’m an international student. Can I get Student Employment?

Depending on institutional funding, International Students may be awarded a Student Employment Award. International students should contact the International Student Coordinator in the Office of Academic Records and Registration if they’d like more information. Students who are granted a Student Employment Award must first find a job by visiting the job board at INsite under “work-study classifieds.” Once you have been offered a job, your new supervisor will need to write a letter confirming your date of hire, pay rate, and job description. The student should deliver this letter to the International Student Coordinator in the Office of Academic Records and Registration (fourth floor of Main Hall) who will write a separate letter. The student must take both letters to the Social Security Administration in order to request a social security card to be issued. Once the student receives their original social security card in the mail (approximately 15 business days), the student must complete the new hire paperwork (I-9, W-4 and Worker’s Compensation Form) and bring the necessary documents listed on the I-9 to establish identity and employment authorization in-person to Student Services located on the fourth floor of Main Hall. Your new hire paperwork must be processed and your supervisor must have access to your timesheet on WebAdvisor before you can begin working.

Can Student Employment defer my balance on my Student Account?

No. Student Accounts is unable to include Student Employment awards when calculating whether financial aid is sufficient to pay your student account. This is because the funds are payable to you on a per hour basis and are not required to be paid to the University for outstanding balances.

Do I file taxes for my Student Employment Earnings?

Student Employment earnings are wages subject to state and federal taxes. You will be sent a W-2 form from Regis University at the end of January each year detailing your wages earned for that year. If you file a tax return, you should include these wages earned. FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes as well as federal and state taxes are taken from the earnings unless you are able to request that you are exempt from these taxes on your W-4 Form. Contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you have questions. Please note that the amounts earned from need-based Student Employment programs will be listed as income on the FAFSA, but those earnings are excluded from total income in the need calculation.

For more information, contact Student Services at 303.458.4126 or 800.568.8932 or