Interprofessional Education

Through our interprofessional education curriculum, students learn and work together to prepare for their future as a collaborative practitioner in an integrated healthcare system.

While each health care professionals’ association mandates education to have components of interprofessional education, the focus at Regis University is to intentionally engage students interprofessionally, to empower future practitioners to create a different, more collaborative model of health care practice. Our goal is to prepare students to learn together to enhance collaboration in order to improve future practice by influencing health outcomes. We believe high-functioning teams can improve the experience, outcomes and costs of health care.

Interprofessional Initiatives

Handsome golden retriever greeting students in a classroom

Canine Companion Program

Graduate and undergraduate students help raise, train and socialize canine companions, preparing them to become a full-fledged service animal. Collaboration between these groups of students teaches them how to effectively work together, putting the patient’s needs above all else. Regis is one of the only institutions that offers this kind of puppy training program to its students.

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Clinical Simulation Laboratory

The simulation lab illustrates the college’s growing emphasis on interprofessional education. Work is consistently underway to identify and create more opportunities to bring together students from the schools of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy and Counseling and to more closely infuse interprofessional learning into the curriculum.

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Global Health Pathway

Students in the RHCHP Global Health Pathway concentration focus on global health issues through course work, service learning, interprofessional reflection and local and/or international global health immersions.

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