Blessing of the Hands 2019

Students in School of Physical Therapy mark transition to clinical work


On Monday, the Regis University School of Physical Therapy gathered over 75 students from its Class of 2020 for the Blessing of the Hands at the St. John Francis Regis Chapel. The tradition serves as a marker and celebration for students as they start full-time clinical work to round out their program.

“Through your touch, you guide your patients to reclaim their mobility,” said professor Wendy K. Amanaet, Ph.D. “Your hands lead the aged and infirm to master limitations. Your hands are the instrument of your knowledge and your intention to serve and heal others. So today, we bless an essential part of your practice.”

The ceremony began with a hand washing to symbolize purity, clarity and calmness, and to prepare students to carry out the Jesuit mission of serving others. Faculty from the program also anointed students’ hands with oil, a historic tradition to remind students they are set apart and to acknowledge their new responsibility as physical therapy professionals.

“It is now that we encourage you as students to share your light and knowledge with those who you will serve, especially your patients,” said Ira Gorman, Ph.D., associate professor and assistant dean of the School of Physical Therapy. “Your knowledge gives you an enormous amount of power, and we encourage you to use this power with humility as you transition from your role as a student to that of a student clinician.”