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If you find yourself at home with a pile of detective novels on your coffee table, listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast, while Ice-T makes astute observations in the background on Law and Order: SVU, you might as well admit it — you’re a crime aficionado. Why not turn your fascination with society’s underbelly into a viable career with a degree in criminology?

At Regis, we offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in this growing field, which can be combined in a bachelor’s to master’s pathway via our FastForward program. As a criminology major, you can help prevent crime and protect your community by understanding the motives and methods of criminal behavior. Our criminology courses give you the knowledge and experience needed to shine a light on the dark side of society.

In order to fight crime, we must first understand it. That’s why our classes emphasize tangible skills and real-world case studies. For example, in our Criminal Psychopathology class you’ll peer into the criminal mind and explore not only what makes someone a criminal, but also their behavior after the crime, on the run, or while facing trial and sentencing. When you take our Transnational Crime course, you’ll survey the trends and underlying causes of international crime, from organized crime to human trafficking and the global drug trade.

The job outlook for criminologists is better than average with 14% growth expected over the next eight years. Our graduates go on to work for public agencies such as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Department of Defense, as well as working in the private sector at companies like Molson Coors. Specific career paths for criminology graduates include law enforcement, customs and trade, crime prevention, and private and industrial security.

Our faculty are the real deal, having worked as police officers, detectives, forensic scientists and private investigators. Aside from having incredible stories, they’re more than happy to share their technical knowledge and professional wisdom with you. Class work can be completed online, on campus or in a hybrid format, giving you the flexibility you need to sharpen your skills or start a new career path.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to enter the mind of a criminal and help protect our communities? If so, you can get started by applying today with our no-fee application.

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