The best places to study at Regis University

Our Northwest Denver Campus is full of study nooks and resources.


Tired of studying alone in your dorm room? Thankfully, with its 100 acres of arboretum-accredited land and umpteen serene indoor settings, Regis boasts many study nooks. Whether you’re looking for a bustling spot on the Quad or a quiet nook, we’ve got a little something for everyone.  

Also, don’t forget to access our writing coaches and tutors, among other great services, at The Learning Commons, located in Clarke Hall, room 241. Staff can help you improve both study habits and test-taking skills.


Popular Spots on the Quad 

1. There’s no question about this one. Need to study? Visit the Dayton Memorial Library

The library has four floors. The first, second and fourth floors allow students to talk and hang out, while the third floor is reserved for quiet study. Students can snag group study rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. The library has a study spot for everyone — whether you’re looking for a quiet cubicle on the third floor, an elevated bench in the basement, or a group table on the fourth floor, you’re sure to find a spot that works for you.

2. The Regis Student Center offers opportunities for laid-back, interactive studying.

If you want background noise or a place to meet your friends to polish a project, the Student Center is a good option The café is at hand for a cup of coffee or snack; if you’re looking for something more filling, Walker’s Pub serves hand-tossed, oven-baked pizza to pair with your homework.

3. David M. Clarke, S.J., Hall is home to several suitable study spots.

Located in the southeast corner of campus, Clarke Hall offers great study spots: Find a comfortable chair in the first-floor lobby, near the Fanzone coffee shop or beeline it for a study space on the third floor (where the desks and chairs are user-friendly  most people do not know about room 358).

4. St. Peter Claver, S.J., Hall is a friendly lunchtime study destination.

The Claver Market has quick study snacks, while the Ranger Grill serves burgers and other basic meals during the week for your lunchtime cram sessions. Claver Hall also has a lot of computer nooks and group-study spots.

5. Outside tables around campus are a wonderful way to get out of the dorm.

If you want fresh air and outside scenery, try the tables around campus. You’re also free to study on the grass in Boettcher Commons in front of the student center, library or Main Hall.


Lesser-known Hideaways for Quiet Study

1. If you’re looking for a secretive outdoor nook, the Gerard Manley Hopkins Garden is the place. 

You know how Carroll Hall is a right angle unto itself? Well, there’s a garden tucked inside the corner of that angle, facing DeSmet Hall.  Sit alongside the imposing stone table on one of its stone benches to savor a quiet place to catch up on your reading.

2. Study or meditate to the sound of nature at Our Lady of Loretto Grotto. 

Located between The Quad and O’Connell Hall, the recently remodeled Grotto has become one of the most beautiful and idyllic places on campus, boasting tucked-away benches behind a peacefully flowing fountain.  If you don’t study here, just come to relax during study breaks.  

3. If your favorite picnic table is taken, you try studying in the Community Garden or Chapel Meditation Garden.

The Community Garden borders Lot 4. While a vegetable garden may not seem like an ideal study spot, it has a covered picnic area where you and your friends can work. The Meditation Garden between the St. John Francis Regis Chapel and the Jesuit House is a special, quiet garden for studying.

4. If you’re looking for an indoor study spot, don’t forget about The Ranger Den. 

The Ranger Den is located off the West Hall Patio (near the ski chairs) and has couches, bean bag chairs and a table for group study. It’s a quiet place to meet for a group project or to study alone in comfort.


Study Help is Never Far Away 

A friendly reminder: Campus study and test-taking resources are near at hand. Get help at The Learning Commons in Clarke Hall room 241.  Set up an in-person or online appointment with a writing coach for help editing a paper or constructing a convincing argument at The Writing Center. You also can set up an online or in-person appointment with a tutor if you need help in a class.  

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