Regis celebrates inaugural Dave Law Day

Dave Law is known across the Northwest Denver Campus for his dedication to the student experience — and now he is the namesake for an award and an honorary day at Regis. Dave Law Day, hosted for the first time on Nov. 30 in the Student Center, recognized the above-and-beyond contributions of the University’s director of Student Life and Engagement.

Madelaine Johnson, the University’s student body president, said she spoke with her mom this summer about Law’s impact on her education, and she had an idea: “I said, ‘Why don’t we create a Dave Day?’” Johnson said.

When Johnson started her freshman year in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, Law made her feel like a member of the Regis community — even when she was taking classes remotely. During a speech, Johnson thanked Law for his support through the past few years.

“Your support over the years is beyond words,” Johnson said. “I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and advocacy and guidance that you give me.”

Regis students Michele To, Hannah Herrick and Kitra Noce also offered words of gratitude to Law, highlighting his commitment to the University’s Jesuit values, his long hours supporting student events and his ability to make students feel seen and heard.

Johnson said the event was the start of a tradition she hopes future students will keep alive. The Dave Law Award is intended to recognize that contributions of faculty and staff whose service goes beyond expectations to serve the Regis community.

“My hope is that this will become a tradition,” she said. “It will be the recognition of their service work.”

Law, who has been with Regis for 25 years, said during the event that he was grateful for the recognition.

“I’m so grateful for you all,” Law said. “I have amazing love for this place because of the amazing love for the work that you do, the way that you’ve transformed my life. I’m not the same person I was when I started 25 years ago and it’s because of the transformative education I’ve gotten from teaching our students, and from my faculty friends, my staff friends.”