Broaden Your Teaching Impact: Educator Enhancement Certificates

Empower your students and yourself.

Regis University is thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Educator Enhancement Certificates, designed specifically to equip educators with the skills and training necessary to teach concurrent enrollment courses at both the high school and community college levels. As the demand for qualified instructors in concurrent enrollment programs continues to grow, we are proud to offer three distinct certificates in English, psychology and communication, providing educators like you with the expertise to advance your teaching careers and give your students a competitive advantage.

In today's educational landscape, concurrent enrollment programs have emerged as powerful tools for students to earn college credits while still in high school. By participating in these programs, students not only get a head start on their higher education journey but also gain valuable insights and skills that prepare them for the challenges of college and beyond. As an educator, having the ability to teach concurrent enrollment courses allows you to provide your students with subject area expertise and guidance that can make a lasting impact on their academic success.

Our Educator Enhancement Certificates are designed to provide you with targeted training in your specific subject area. Whether you choose English, psychology or communication, our certificate programs will equip you with the pedagogical strategies, curriculum development techniques and assessment methods needed to engage and inspire your students effectively.

By obtaining an Educator Enhancement Certificate from Regis, you not only enhance your teaching skills but also gain a competitive edge in your career. These certificates validate your expertise and demonstrate your commitment to professional growth and development. You’ll also contribute to the educational advancement of your students, providing them with a head start on their college journey and helping them reach their full potential.

No matter where you are in your education career, it’s never a bad time to gain new knowledge and expand your skillset. Whether you’re aiming to develop your expertise, preparing your students for college or looking to broaden your existing teaching skills, a certificate from Regis will have a meaningful impact on your students and your career. We’re here to help you continue to excel in your teaching practice.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us at or 800.944.7667. It’s time to broaden your teaching impact with an Educator Enhancement Certificate from Regis University.

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