Ranger Co-Op Offers a Helping Hand

In the chill of winter, food insecurity and the lack of adequate clothing looms larger, lending urgency to the need to come together as a community and provide essential resources to those who need a hand. In fact, a recent study shows that 38% of college students are impacted by food insecurity, while others struggle to put together a professional wardrobe for their burgeoning careers.

The newly relaunched Ranger Co-Op (formerly Regis Cupboard), located within the Coors Life Directions Center at Regis, now offers a place for folks to pick up food and hygiene items at no charge.

For students in need of professional attire for an upcoming interview, internships, career fair, job or calls, the co-op also offers gently used, professional clothing for Regis University students and alumni, including shirts, pants, suits, belts and more.

Director of Military and Veterans Services Fletcher Brown, who oversees the co-op, has worked closely with Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) Director Sarah Smith to develop the concept. In the past year-and-a-half, the cupboard has seen an uptick of 300% in the number of students who visit the pantry. With an increase of that size, Brown said he began looking for a new space on campus to offer free food to those who need it. The co-op is also open to faculty and staff.

“That means there are probably more out there that we don't know that need food,” Brown said.

“My idea was to make this more of a convenience store type of thing, where you're popping in, it's light, it's bright, it's full of food. There are friendly folks,” Brown said. “It could be like you popped into a 7-Eleven and grabbed a snack. But (it’s) free. You don't pay for anything on the way out.”

Interested in Donating?
The Ranger Co-Op operates with the generous support of food, clothing, and monetary donations from departments and individuals within the Regis community. Online food donations can be made via the Amazon wish list. Food donations are highly encouraged and always in demand. The Ranger Co-Op facilitators are endlessly grateful for the ongoing support from the entire Regis community.

The most-needed items include:

  • Items high in protein (canned tuna or chicken, peanut butter)
  • Dry goods (grains, rice, cereal)
  • Soups (canned, ramen noodle soup, Cup O' Noodles)
  • Canned fruits or vegetables
  • Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, shampoo, feminine hygiene products)
  • Items for special dietary needs (gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium)

How to Use the Co-Op

Any current student at Regis who is in need can stop by the Co-Op to pick up free food and hygiene items and/or to get help connecting to university and community resources related to food insecurity. Just remember to bring your student ID card so we can verify that you're a current Regis student.

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