At Regis University, we are people for and with others, impacting the world positively one graduate at a time. Our goal is to help every student persist and graduate in a reasonable amount of time.

Approved by the President’s Cabinet and endorsed by the Board of Trustees in 2018, Regis University’s Student Success Initiative is designed to promote student retention and timely graduation through individualized support, analytics-based retention strategies, student-friendly policies, efficient systems and transformative educational experiences.

The twelve initiatives below will be implemented by strategic teams from Fall 2018 through Spring 2020.

Academic Advising

1. Graduation requirements 
2. Advising documents from RC Dean’s Office 
3. Vocational discernment documents

Office hours

One of the first places for support is your professors’ office hours. OH is a time for students and
professors to review course material and discuss how it relates to the goals of the course. It’s also a
time to explore academic interests. Think about it as a chance to deepen your learning and a way to
make Regis your home.

Tips to make the most out of office hours:

1. Attend office hours regularly
2. Bring a peer or attend in a small group
3. Come prepared
4. Use office hours as a time to get to know your professors

Featured content
1. Short video of faculty and students sharing advice on how to make the most of office hours

The Learning Commons and Academic Success Workshops

The Learning Commons is your source for online and in-person writing and various subject matter help.
-videos on how to schedule appointments and writing

  • Check out the TLC workshops on APA and MLA style, and a study skills bootcamp.
  • Purdue's online writing lab, Purdue OWL, is an excellent resource for APA Style and academic writing help.

    Learning-Support Courses

    Reflecting on their experiences at Regis, our students often share that they appreciate the guidance and support they receive during their first year of college, and that, although they heard it many times before, there really is a difference between high school and college. Much of that difference lies in how to organize their days, prepare for their courses, make full use of their strengths—we like to call these superpowers—and pursue their academic interests.

    Regis College offers two one-credit courses designed to help students navigate and decode the academic landscape. These courses are an invitation for students to succeed and an opportunity to earn academic credit.

    LS 103: Math Learning Strategies. The course is open to any student who is enrolled in a math course. Providing help for students in the areas of mathematics or science, the course emphasizes better self- understanding as learners in these disciplines and enables students to select and employ appropriate and effective learning/study strategies.

    LS 201: Strategies for Success. This is an eight-week (half-semester) course focused on students and their relationship to learning. Students enrolled in this course will learn to comprehend and analyze college- level texts, develop and implement effective study strategies specific to their courses, and establish and work towards academic goals. Through small-group discussions and hands-on assistance with assignments in their courses, students will be better prepared to engage with the college experience. In addition to readings and activities, coursework will include visits from guest speakers, weekly study groups, and support from instructors and peer mentors.

  • Student Disability Services

    Student Disability Services & University Testing eliminates barriers to equal access to the college experience through:

    • Providing timely and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities
    • Developing students with disabilities’ self-awareness and self-advocacy skills
    • Informing students and faculty about their resources, rights & responsibilities; and
    • Challenging attitudes that limit sociocultural inclusion and respect with outreach to students, faculty and staff

    Accommodations in college differ from those in high school. For more information on services and accommodations, please visit the Student Disability Services webpage.

    SENSE Program

    The OT SENSE (Support to Effectively Navigate the School Environment) program meets with students once a week to help them find occupational balance in their lives here at Regis. With the support of graduate OT students as peer mentors, students are provided with 1:1 mentoring which focuses on the student’s unique strengths and goals. Some students want to have a better understanding of resources available to them, others want help with time management and organizational strategies that best fit their learning style, while others want to feel more connected to the Regis community or learn how to advocate for their needs. 

    Using an occupational therapy framework, the program keeps the student at the center of the plan. We look for ways to modify or adapt the activity or the environment in order to build on successes. Active participation on the part of the student-including reflection on what is working and what is not —is required. 

    Students are held accountable to their goals through a weekly assessment of how satisfied they are with a particular goal area.