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Anthropology, Criminal Justice and Sociology Department

Sociology is the study of social interaction, collective behavior and the ways people together construct their society. It can be an unsettling but always an exciting way of looking at our lives and the world around us. This program investigates the structure of groups, organizations and societies. As they study social life, social changes and the causes and consequences of human behaviors, students develop a range of research techniques that apply to a wide range of career paths.

The Sociology Department emphasizes academic excellence, critical thinking, and practical applications of knowledge toward the improvement of the human condition. We encourage discussion of solutions to the problems and needs of societies in the United States and around the world. We also encourage students to become involved in service and community organizing activities.

Students who are interested in people, working with people, and understanding the ways our social institutions, such as work, education and family help to shape us will gain value with this degree. Our students gain analytical and research skills, a deeper appreciation for identity and diversity, a comprehension of world events, an ability to read media critically and an awareness of themselves as responsible citizens. The Sociology program at Regis provides excellent preparation for any kind of work in social and human services. Graduates have excelled in graduate school, in work with social service agencies, teachers, and in the criminal justice system. In addition to preparation for professional opportunities in the field of sociology, the major also provide a strong background for those planning to enter the fields of law, medicine, community planning, or politics.

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Department Chair
Damla Isik, Associate Professor
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Degrees and Programs



  • Minor in Cultural Anthropology
  • Minor in Criminal Justice
  • Minor in Sociology