What Does it Mean to be a ‘Hispanic-Serving Institution’?

And why it benefits students of all backgrounds.

At Regis University, we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken over the years to become a more diverse institution, representing the demographics of the larger community while also acknowledging the work required to become more inclusive in serving our students.

For that reason, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been federally designated a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) under Title V of the Higher Education Act. Just over 10 percent of all colleges and universities in the U.S. are HSIs.

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) are colleges or universities that have at least 25% of their full-time undergraduate students identifying as Hispanic or Latino. This designation is given by the U.S. Department of Education, which also provides grants and funding to support HSIs in improving their academic quality and institutional stability.

More than 28% of full-time undergraduate students at Regis are Hispanic, and we’re proud to serve, support and celebrate our diverse student body. The number of Hispanic/Latino Regis students is only likely to grow. In fact, HSIs enroll over two-thirds of all Hispanic undergraduates and 30.5 percent of all undergraduates in non-profit colleges. Hispanic enrollment in higher education is expected to exceed 4 million students by 2026, far surpassing the growth rate of any other racial-ethnic group by more than 10 percent.

By serving a diverse and often underserved student population, including first-generation, low-income, immigrant and nontraditional students, HSIs play a vital role in increasing the representation and success of Hispanic students. HSIs also contribute to the development of Hispanic faculty and leaders, as well as to the advancement of research and scholarship on Hispanic issues.

Our designation as an HSI benefits not only Hispanic students, but all students and faculty who can gain value from a multicultural and inclusive learning environment. HSIs foster a sense of belonging, respect and appreciation for diversity among their campus communities. HSIs also enrich the academic quality and innovation of their programs by incorporating Hispanic perspectives and experiences into their curricula, pedagogy and research.

This designation provides Regis with opportunities to support initiatives that will shape a more accessible, inclusive and culturally enhancing educational experience for Hispanic students, and in doing so will create a campus that honors and serves all students, no matter what their background is.

Regis University President Salvador Aceves, Ed.D., the first Latino president in Regis history, sums up what it means to be an HSI: “As a Jesuit university, we believe in our mission to serve our students. This designation brings forth immense possibilities to truly serve not only our Hispanic students but everyone as a whole. We want to continue cultivating a rich and culturally affirming campus. As a Latino leader, I hope I can inspire fellow Latinos to see themselves in positions that have been historically underrepresented. I also hope I can welcome them into an inclusive community that values their gifts and talents."

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