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Art Program

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Regis College takes seriously its role in preparing students to face the contradictory demands of an ever more visually-oriented world. Consequently, the Art Program emphasizes an understanding of the ways that images provide insights into the diverse and profound interests of peoples and cultures. Both in and outside of the classroom, the Art Program provides an environment where students may explore the role of fine arts in the context of the liberal arts and develop a knowledge and understanding of visual culture throughout history. With a range of studio and academic courses in Visual Arts and Art History, students are invited to examine, in theory and practice, the esthetic and expressive tendencies central to the advancement of culture. The Department of Fine and Performing Arts maintains the O’Sullivan Arts Center where students can experience firsthand, some of the area’s most engaging fine artists through exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Degrees and Programs

| Bachelor of Arts in Art History

| Minor in Art History

| Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts

| Minor in Visual Arts

William Sutton

William Sutton
Department Co-Chair,

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Art History

From day one, you will not just study art history at Regis University, you will do art history. Art History students at Regis, whether it's their major, minor or they just want to take a few courses, develop a holistic and deep understanding of the visual arts throughout historical periods, across cultures and geographical lines, including our own Colorado back yard. Learn more about the Art History program.

Visual Arts

Visual arts students can choose among 7 concentration areas: Digital Art, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. Learn more about each discipline by visiting the links below, or learn more about Visual Arts at Regis as a whole.

top row, left to right: digital art by Ariel Patz; drawing by Emily K Woods; graphic design by Hadley Jenkins; painting by Kim Gutierrez
second row, left to right: photo by Melissa Pashby; "Sol" by Gabriela Carrion, monotype print; sculpture by Melissa Pashby

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Exhibition and Events Calendar

The Art Program hosts various exhibitions, markets, speakers and art-related events, all of which are free and open to the public. Events are held in our beautiful O'Sullivan Art Gallery, which typically hosts six exhibitions annually from acclaimed local and national artists.

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Our Faculty

The Art Program faculty at Regis University aren't just teachers; they are artists themselves. They know firsthand the challenges and joys of being artists and are ready to walk hand-in-hand with their students as they explore the world of art.

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