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It’s a common saying across the business world: “You gotta spend money to make money.” Whether it’s investing in stocks or bonds, taking out a business loan and paying it back with interest, or cutting a check to help fund a friend’s (hopefully successful) artisanal pickle shop aspirations, that simple phrase is just a fact of economic life.

When it comes to your education and career ambitions, the same adage holds true. Indeed, you often have to spend a significant chunk of change on educational pursuits if you hope to increase your potential earnings and lifetime income.

But what about the return on investment for an MBA program? Sure, those three little letters might spice up your LinkedIn profile and lend your resume a certain je ne sais quoi, but is an MBA still worth it in this day and age? After all, no one wants to throw their hard-earned cash away — it’s only wise to make sure your investment decisions are sound.

As you ponder whether an advanced business degree is in your future, we invite you to explore our Executive Speaker Night Series. This series is designed to expose Regis University students, community members and sponsoring partners to the first-hand experiences of select elite industry experts who work to improve and transform society.

Our next Executive Speaker Night will be held on August 30, where we’ll be joined by Phillip Washington. Washington was recently nominated to be the next FAA administrator by President Joe Biden, having most recently served as the CEO of Denver International Airport, the third busiest airport in the nation.

Washington will discuss building sustainability, resiliency, equity, diversity and inclusion into business strategy and infrastructure development to drive economic growth. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session.

We hope you can join us for this unique event on August 30. In the meantime, here are just a few ways our professional MBA stands out from the crowd:  

Increased Earning Potential 

According to the Graduate Management Admission Councilthe median starting salary among 2018 MBA grads was more than $105,000. That number only goes up with experience and specialization, meaning the potential earnings boost from an MBA degree makes it a solid investment and wise career move. 

Scholar Practitioner Model 

Our faculty have real-world experience and have spent decades working at companies both large and small. Combining sound business theory with the type of wisdom that only comes from years in the C-suite, our faculty are at the forefront of business trends, and are more than happy to share their extensive professional networks and know-how with students. 

Professional Peers 

Students in the Professional MBA program at Regis University are working professionals, with diverse backgrounds and networks of their own. They have already demonstrated a knack for business, meaning faculty don’t have to “teach down” to newcomers, and can elevate the level of instruction to match students’ work experience. Our Alumni Events keep peers connected long after graduation.  

Convenient and Flexible 

Professional MBA classes can be completed 100% online for maximum flexibility. Keep your day job and work toward your future when it suits you — we aim to help individuals succeed on their own terms. 

Experiential Learning 

Business doesn’t happen in a classroom. That’s why our MBA offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including the Innovation Center, the Workforce, Ethics & Lifelong Learning (WELL) Center and the Sustainable Economic & Enterprise Development (SEED) Institute. Our Innovation Challenge sees teams compete in a Shark Tank-style matchup as they vie for a $10,000 top prize. 

Focus on Stewardship 

Leadership, communication and relationships are essential components of the Professional MBA program, and they align with Regis’ mission to inspire students of all ages to take leadership roles and to make a positive impact in a changing society. 

Ready to make an investment in your future? Apply today and take the first step toward rich returns on a fulfilling new career. There are no GRE or GMAT scores nor letters of recommendation required. We look forward to seeing you do big things in business!

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