Finish Strong: Completing Your Bachelor’s Degree as an Adult

It’s time to pick up where you left off.

"How you start is important, but it is how you finish that counts. In the race for success, speed is less important than stamina. The stickler outlasts the sprinter.” – B.C. Forbes (1880-1954), Journalist and founder of Forbes magazine

Life comes at you fast. There are countless reasons you may have started your bachelor’s degree years ago but never finished. Bills, kids, a dream job, family obligations, an existential reevaluation of your life’s purpose — no matter what caused you to step away from the classroom, just know that you’re in good company. The point is, we get it. And if you do decide to dust off your old notebooks and finish your degree, we think Regis is the perfect fit.

No matter where you are in your academic (and life) journey, you’ll find plenty of reasons to complete your undergraduate degree at Regis. It might be our Jesuit values which have inspired generations of students to turn their ideas into action. Perhaps it’s our world-class faculty who bring their passion for teaching and decades of experience to the classroom. Or maybe it’s our flexible online and on-campus classes, or the plentiful networking opportunities which help students grow their professional circles and advance their careers.

The bachelor’s degree programs in Regis University’s School for Professional Advancement are designed for curious learners who want to discover how ideas shape the world. We encourage you to challenge the status quo as you explore communication, culture, human behavior, psychology, philosophy, ethics, logic and more.

No matter what you choose to major in, a degree from Regis prepares you with highly marketable skills which can be applied across diverse fields, including business, education, government, social services, and science and technology. With small class sizes, faculty mentors and a thoughtful curriculum focused on critical thinking, you’ll cultivate your leadership skills and develop your understanding of what makes organizations successful. Our programs are highly specialized so that you can immediately apply the skills you learn in the classroom to the real working world and start getting a return on your educational investment.

We’re also big on giving credit where it’s due — our generous transfer policy ensures the work you’ve already put in doesn’t go to waste and can be used toward your bachelor’s degree. A number of our bachelor’s programs can also be combined with a relevant master’s degree through our FastForward program, saving you both time and money as you advance your education. Explore our Investing in Your Future undergraduate student financing guide to learn more.

Finally, we’ve introduced Cornerstone learning communities for all incoming students who transfer with fewer than 45 credits. Cornerstone is a program designed to help students hit the ground running. You’ll take your first four classes with an online cohort of your peers, and you’ll be provided with a network of mutual academic and social support resources. As a cohort, you will complete four foundational classes designed to equip you with the communication and ethical reasoning skills employers look for.

As a Regis student in the School for Professional Advancement, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a major which suits your interests and aligns with your personal and professional goals:

Bachelor of Applied Science
Acquire the management, leadership, critical thinking, writing and communication skills necessary to broaden your career horizons.

B.S. Applied Psychology
Explore how people individually and collectively develop, cope and thrive in the modern world, as you study psychological theories and consider the ways you can use them to serve others.

B.A. Communication
Discover the role communication plays in all aspects of human life, as you hone your existing skills and acquire new expertise.

B.S. Criminology
Gain the knowledge and experience needed to protect communities, understand criminal motives and shine a light on the dark side of society.

B.A. Liberal Arts
A liberal arts degree will equip you with excellent communication, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as you prepare to play a leading role in the future success of your organization.

B.A. Public Relations
Learn how to communicate with the public, issue press releases, launch new products, manage crises and find success at the crossroads of business strategy and public engagement.

Courses are held in flexible 5- and 8-week formats, with classes offered both online and on campus —perfect for busy adult learners who have other life obligations. And with our generous transfer policies, you might be just one or two years away from graduation!

Ready to cross the finish line and complete your bachelor's degree? Get in touch with a Regis admissions counselor or apply today.

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