The Rocky Mountain Beard Scratcher is our monthly newsletter for adult learners looking to further their education and expand their career horizons. Whether you’re looking to complete your undergraduate education or continue your education with a graduate degree or certificate, our newsletter will keep you posted on all things Regis. We hope the Beard Scratcher will inspire you, and maybe even give you a chuckle or two—but most importantly, we hope it’ll get you scratching your own beard (figurative or otherwise) as you ponder how you’ll seize the day.



Recent Posts

Get a Dose of the Pharmacy Life

Pharmacists are active problem solvers. Yet most pharmacy schools ask students to absorb lectures passively. Who could blame students for counting...

Break Barriers, Build Bridges

In times of trouble and uncertainty, it’s understandable to focus your attention on yourself and your immediate situation. It’s also...

Are You a People Person?

Are you a people person? Does the idea of public speaking fill you with energy instead of causing you to break out in a cold sweat (like most of us)?

Honoring a Good Apple

We kicked off May with Teacher Appreciation Week. And if you’re like us, five days doesn’t seem nearly long enough to recognize our...

From Here to Graduation in One Outfit or Less

We’re lucky enough to live in an era when the bulk of human knowledge is at our fingertips. Earlier generations would be in awe. What to do...

Fluorescent Lighting Versus Sunshine

Summer and the great indoors. Wait a minute, those words don’t go together. Or do they?

Where Technology Saves Lives

The necessity of maintaining and improving our health care information systems grows by the minute, putting health informatics at the forefront of...

We’re Breaking the Stigma

Regis challenges its students, staff and faculty to care for and develop the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

Break Barriers, Build Bridges

Now, more than ever, it’s become clear that the entire planet is interconnected—an event in one country can have huge implications on...

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